Give me a home among the Gum Trees !

| April 14, 2017

BISC is moving !! But not far đŸ™‚ 

After many years with no home and the last few years sharing with VMR,  BISC is now looking to have its own home among the gum trees of Sylvan Beach.  Thanks to all who put in a massive effort this Anzac weekend to complete the move into the new loan container. The move is now complete. 

Great news. The move is  complete!!
Thank you to all of those who put so much hard work, particularly the quiet men who came in early and unannounced on Saturday and got a huge amount of the heavy work done before the official day even started. Thank you to Dr Doug for organising the loan of the container which functions like a mini clubhouse as it is currently laid out. Special thanks to Alan Dossel for tireless work throughout the week (I saw you!)and weekend- sorting– water trenches, storing the club room panelling for us and much more. As always Peter, Graham, John, Richard.To Malcolm for a tremendous amount of much needed guidance and too much heavy lifting today. All the enthusiastic assistance from so many BIMOCC members and in particular Stacey who has undertaken to sell all of our unstorable stuff at her own garage sale and is looking after it  until then.
Thank you to John for volunteering and giving the MBRC Adventure programme participants an amazing day of sailing on Eclipse— on top of all that went on this weekend. We had a wonderful day playing on the water in various craft.
If I have forgotten anyone- forgive me- you know who you are.
Watch the Website.
Kind regards
Wendy-  Secretary




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