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Volunteer Marine Rescue

Bribie Island Sailing Club is a proud supporter of VMR Bribie Island. VMR provides a vital service to our region in both fair and foul weather.  VMR is always looking for volunteers and supporters to help in their vital work.  Volunteer Marine Rescue and Bribie Island Yacht Club share the same premises in Marine Parade Bellara. Contact VMR to find out more information.  You will find their website here. Thanks to VMR for the stories of their rescues below.


VMR Noteworthy Callouts 2015

Maurie Biela and his callout crew on Thursday towed a 5.5m boat in very difficult conditions (allegedly 25-30 knots NE wind and outgoing tide) from 2 -3 kms off Woorim back to the passage. The owner had been a member for 6 years and was extremely grateful for the rescue.

There were two jet ski incidents that were handled in a very professional manner. One involved the jet ski hitting the bridge and the other was towing a person who fell off and was injured. The crews attended and rendered the necessary assistance.


VMR4John Burdett and callout crew rescued a yacht that had an affinity for the bridge. Energex Bribie 1 negotiated an incoming tide and initially towed the yacht off on a bow-to-bow tow changing to the conventional stern tow in safer water.

The Red Saturday VMR crew while on an exercise at the area called the Washing Machine near Gilligan’s Island found a twin tub washing machine floating upside down in the water. The crew retrieved the washing machine as it was a hazard to boaties. The washing machine was not in bad condition and the timer was still working.

The search for the missing jet skier off Redcliffe last week involved Energex Bribie 1 & 2 on both the Sunday night and Monday morning. A total of 16 crew were involved and the Channel 7 coverage on Monday took some excellent footage of our boats. The following was received from the water police as a result

“ Sir,

I was one of the search command coordinators for an incident that commenced on the 16/2/14 and continued into the 17/2/14. The incident commenced when a commercial vessel operator reported to the Redcliffe Coast Guard that he located a jet ski without a rider or safety lanyard. A search and rescue incident was commenced in relation to this matter.
The incident was commenced approximately 16 1640hrs February 2014 and concluded 17 1100hrs February 2014.
The weather on this evening was very poor in the search location with winds of between 23-35 knots from the north. The wave height was recorded at an average of between 1 and 2 metres; however the highest recorded wave height reached up to 3.9 metres.

During the evening the Emergency Management Queensland Helicopter R500 was deployed on two tasks, one prior to last light and one night search. Vessels from Water Police Brisbane, Redcliffe and Brisbane Coast Guards and Brisbane and Bribie VMR’s. This search continued through the evening and stretched resources in this area. Further crews were changed due to fatigue as most of these crews had been on duty all day. On the following morning again the EMQ helicopter was utilised as well as surf lifesaving Westpac helicopter from the Gold Coast and vessels from Water Police Brisbane, Redcliffe and Brisbane Coast Guards and Victoria point, Raby Bay, Brisbane and Bribie Island VMRs were all used in the search.
During the search additional staff were supplied from both Coast Guard and VMR to assist with logs and radios at Water Police Brisbane. Unfortunately the search ended with the location of a deceased male later confirmed as the operator of the Jet Ski on the morning of the 17th of February 2014.

On behalf myself and the regional appointed SMC Senior Sergeant Warren FRANCIS, I would like to thank all persons involved in this search. Your staff showed a tenacious and flexible attitude to whatever duties they undertook whether operating vessels, crewing or keeping logs and manning radios. All of these roles are essential to assist in location of the male in this search. Thank you again for your efforts and please forward our thanks to all staff involved. Although there will no official debrief in relation to this matter, please forward any comment to me for review. 

It further goes without saying! If any of your staff are having any issues in the environment or have any concerns in relation to mental health, please let us know if we can provide any assistance or support to these staff.
Job reference number: QI1400225245 refers.
Daniel MOYLE
Acting Sergeant 20640”

It’s nice to be recognised for what we are trained to do.

Safety on the Sea 

To prevent incidents like the above it is vital to understand safety on the sea. Understanding the Buoys and Beacons around Bribie Island is vital to your safety. The following videos will help provide understanding of some of the markers in our region.