Bribie Sailing Mini Regatta Sailing Instructions


updated 07/09/18


The Bribie Island Regatta is organised and hosted by the Bribie Island Sailing Club.

The race is open to owners of eligible trailable monohull yachts and multihull yachts.

The Regatta will commence on Saturday 27th October 2018 starting from 10am depending on

division. The race will be set on a course outlined below.



This race will be governed by the:

1. Current Racing Rules of Sailing (“RRS”) of the International Sailing Federation (ISAP);

2. YA Prescriptions and Special Regulations Part 1, Category 5;

3. Notice of Race (NOR);

4. Sailing Instructions (SI);

5. Whilst a yacht is operating under its engine the International Regulations for Prevention of

Collision at Sea will replace the RRS, Part 2.

The Organising Authority (BISC) reserves the right to amend the Notice of Race up until the start of

the race.


1. RRS 50.2 Fixed and Retractable Spinnaker Poles will be permitted for the purpose of setting

Asymmetrical Spinnakers.

2. RRS 50.3 Bowsprits may be used to secure the tack of a spinnaker


The Safety Category is Cat 7 of the Y.A. special regulations Part 1 of the Racing Rules of Sailing. The

2013-2016 YA Special Regulations are applicable for this race.


At the discretion of the committee.

To eligible for entry each yacht must:

1. Complete in full and submit the entry form.

2. If requested, supply a self-audited Yachting Australia Safety Category form proving

compliance with the safety requirements listed;

3. Pay the entry fee.

4. Yachts shall have a current Public Liability and Third Part Insurance Policy of not less than $5

million and provide a copy of insurance certificate.

Decisions by the race committee as to whether a boat satisfactorily meets the eligibility

requirements will be final and binding upon competitors.


Bribie Island Regatta Race entry fee: $50.00


Divisions/Starts shall be determined by the Sailing Committee and will be designed to get all vessels

finishing as close together as possible for Saturday BBQ.

Event Handicap (EHC)

EHC strives to give all entrants a chance of winning, provided they sail reasonable well. This is not a

boat measurement-based handicap but is based on the “performance” of a particular boat. The EHC

handicap reflects known or estimated performance for the boat or the type of boat. So, two boats,

identical except in age/condition, may receive a slightly different EHC handicap. The Handicap for

each race is mathematically calculated using data provided and previous race results.


Random draw prizes will be awarded Saturday night at the Bribie Island Hotel function.

Over all regatta prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall on handicap will be awarded on Sunday at

approximately 2pm.


All those taking part in this race do so at their own risk and responsibility. BISC take no responsibility

for the safety of competitors or the seaworthiness of a yacht whose entry is accepted or the

sufficiency or adequacy of its equipment. The Race Committee and BISC reserve the right under ISAF

Rule 76.1 to refuse any entry.


Attention of the Skipper and crew is drawn to the following rules and regulations.

ISAF RRS Fundamental Rule 4, which states: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in

a race or to continue racing is hers alone.”

ISAF RRS Fundamental Rules – 1.1, 1.2, 2 and 3

YA SR Fundamental Regulation 1.02.1 which states: “The safety of a boat and her crew is the sole

and inescapable responsibility of the owner, or the owner’s representative who must do their best

to ensure that the boat is fully found, thoroughly seaworthy and manned by an experienced crew

who are physically fit to face bad weather. They must be satisfied as to the soundness of the hull,

spars, rigging, sails and gear. They must ensure that all safety equipment is properly maintained and

stowed and that the crew know where it is kept and how it is to be used.” YA SR Fundamental

Regulation 1.02.2 which states: “Neither the establishment of these special regulations, their use by

race organizers, nor the inspection of a boat under these regulations in any way limits or reduces the

complete and unlimited responsibility of the owner or the owner’s representative.”


Complimentary berthage is available for Saturday night at Pacific Harbour Marina.

Additional berthage before and after the regatta is available a reduced trailer boat rate of

approximately $30 per night. Entrants requiring berthage must contact Meredith Hartup at

Pacific Harbour Marina directly on 040876348 or email on:

A copy of the vessels insurance certificate must be supplied directly to the marina.

Unsecured trailer storage is available in the empty lot adjacent the marina.


The Bribie Island Sailing Club wishes to warn Owners, Skippers, Crew and all other persons who

engage in the recreational activity constituting this yacht race, within the meaning of The Civil

Liability Act 2003, that the pursuit of such activity may result in harm, personal injury or even death.

The Bribie Island Sailing Club relies upon the provisions and limitations of The Civil Liability Act 2003

and notifies all race participants who engage in recreational activity that they do so at their own risk.


Queries on entry should be directed to Barry Colson

Contact details here



Late entries at discretion of committee

Competitors briefing 9.30am Saturday on Sylvan Beach between boat ramps and bridge, adjacent to

Bribie Island VMR

First start warning signal not before 9.50am Saturday

Presentations Saturday night at function with overall place presentations, approx..2pm Sunday in

area of Saturday’s briefing


The event will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing, the YA

Special Regulations Part 1 For Racing Boats, the Notice of Race, these Sailing Instructions, and the

regulations and directions of relevant government authorities.

These sailing instructions must be read in conjunction with the Notice of Race available from the

download area of the website


The ISF racing rules of sailing will be modified in accordance with rule 86 as follows:

Rule 77 Identification on Sails is replaced with the Notice of Race

Rule 26 Starting Races shall be by the Sailing Instructions

Rule 31 Touching a Mark shall apply except that if a yacht is careless or reckless enough to collide

with a Race Committee Boat or Marker Boat she may be disqualified at the discretion of the Race

Committee without a hearing.

Rule 35 Time Limits are 1600hrs Saturday and 0100hrs Sunday. Each day boats that finish within the

time limit will be given their finish time for that leg of the course all other boats shall be scored as

Did Not Finish.


Bribie Island Sailing Club compound at VMR Sylvan Beach North of Bribie Bridge.

Saturday and Sunday Race Central VHF 77


Any notices to Competitors will be made available at the race briefing.

Further notices may be given to competitors from Race Control by radio VHF 77 during the weekend.

Boats should monitor VHF 77.

Radios – VHF Channel 77 or PRO via mobile phone…..


On both days owners and skippers must;

1. Maintain compliance with the entry form yacht details, safety regulations and pollution, the

Racing Rules of Sailings, the Notice of Race and these Sailing Instructions

2. Sail the course as shown on the course maps published with the Notice of Race

3. Advise race control on radio VHF 77 if unable to start, continue racing, finish or not intending

to race on Sunday

6. RACE 1.

Start for Race 1 will be between the Yellow X Mark opposite the Boat launching ramps adjacent VMR

and the Whittley power boat flying the bribie island sailing club flag to the west. The vessels shall

start in the allotted divisions proceeding North up Pumicestone Passage observing all channel

markers to the finish at Mission Point.

The finish will be between the Green pole channel maker to the west and the bribie island start

finish boat to the east.

7. Race 2.

Start Race 2 will be from Mission Point is between Green pole channel marker used for Race one

finish to the west and the bribie island start/finish boat to the east. The staring sequence will be

the same as race one with the first warning signal no sooner than 1.30. Proceeding south down

Pumicestone passage observing all channel markers to the finish.

The finish will be between the red channel marker off the end of the sand bank midway between

pacific harbour entrance and the VMR and the bribie island Start/finish boat to the east.

8. Race 3.

The start shall be from between the red channel maker used for the finish of race two to the east

and the bribie island start/finish boat to the east. The start sequence and timing will be the same as

Race 1.

The finish shall be between the yellow X mark opposite VMR to the east and the Bribie island

start/finish boat to the west. The course will be given out at the Saturday night function or will be

available from the start finish boat on request.

9. If the wind and tide conditions are deemed by the Race Committee to be unsuitable for the

starts to be conducted from the locations listed above the Abandonment Signal “N” will be

displayed on the Race Committee boat, Code Flag “L” (follow me) will then be displayed and

the Starting Line relocated to a more suitable position further up the course. In the event of

a relocated Start Line, yachts must be prepared to motor quickly to stay in the vicinity of the

Start Committee Boat in anticipation of starting signals.

The starting intervals and starting order may be altered at the discretion of the Race Committee

watch the signals.

9.1 Starting Intervals

The 1st warning signal will be scheduled for 9.50hrs and the divisions will be started in the order and

intervals shown below.

9.2 Starting Order and Division Warning Signal

The Order of starting and starting intervals is intended to be as below but may be varied according

to circumstances prevailing at the time please watch for the following warning signals:-

DIVISION 1 Yellow and black squares flag.

preparatory signal at 9.50 start 9.55

10-minute interval

DIVISION 2 Red and white horizontal striped flag

Preparatory signal 10.05 start 10.10

5-minute interval

DIVISION 3 White flag with blue square

Preparatory signal 10.10 start 10.15

5-minute interval

DIVISION 4 Green flag

Preparatory signal 10.15 start 10.20

5-minute interval

DIVISION 5 Red flag

preparatory signal 10.20 start 10.25

9.3 Starting Signals

All signals shall be made from the Start Committee Boat.

Visual Signals may be accompanied by Sound Signals.

Warning – At five (5) minutes before the start – The Division Warning Signal will be displayed along

with the preparatory flag being the blue peter. Blue flag with white square centre.

One minute – At one (1) minute the Preparatory flag (Blue Peter) will be lowered and a sound signal.

At the start – The Division Warning signal lowered.

9.4 Individual Recalls

Rule 29.1 Code Flag “X” applies.

9.5 Vessels

Vessels deemed to be over the line should return and start with the following division.

9.6 Yachts in the Starting Area

On both Saturday and Sunday yachts shall not proceed to within 100 metres of the starting line until

after her warning signal has been displayed.

Any yachts in the starting area while another Division’s Warning Signal is flying that disadvantage

yachts preparing to start may be disqualified.

9.7 Use of Motors – yachts are expected to assist yachts in peril when they can do so without

endangering themselves.

9.8 Yachts and Persons in Peril

Yachts involved in or observing a safety incident and/or providing assistance to any vessel or person

in peril shall notify Race Control radio VHF 77, a Marker Boat or Patrol Boat course official or a

Rescue Organisation immediately (Bribie Island VMR –VHF 73).

9.9 Yachts Receiving or Rending Assistance

Yachts requiring or receiving assistance must notify Race Control by radio VHF 77 of their situation

where possible.

10 Yachts rendering assistance or otherwise involved in an incident shall inform Race Control radio

VHF 77, a Marker Boat or Patrol Boat course official or a Rescue Organisation immediately if possible

otherwise at the first reasonable opportunity providing details including time lost.

10.1 Shortened Course

The course may be shortened if necessary normally according to Rule 32.2 and 32.2(a) at a rounding

mark between the mark and a staff (on the Finish Committee Boat) staff displaying Flag S.

Where possible a finishing line Marker Boat will be located near the shortened course rounding


In the interests of providing a safe and fair finish for the majority of the fleet and at the sole

discretion of the Race Office and Race Committee in adverse conditions (probably the extremes of

light or heavy weather) on either leg of the course Rule 32.2 (c) might be used.

10.2 Postponement and Abandonment

A postponement or abandonment will be signalled in accordance with Rule 27.3

10.3 Non-Finishers

Any skipper who retires from the race shall notify by radio VHF 77 Race Control, a Race Official Boat,

a Rescue Organisation or have another competitor relay such notification with details of intended

time and place of return to shore.

All skippers must ensure finish times have been recorded by start/finish boat and are “signed off” as


Please advise Race Control if not intending to compete on Sunday.


Protests are NOT encouraged.

Competitors are reminded of the Basic Principle Sportsmanship and the Rules and should carefully

consider who has broken the rule in an incident and for those who break a rule get on with the job

of resolving the situation in the most honourable and effective manner by promptly accepting a

penalty or retiring from the race and announce that sensible decision to Race Control.

Protest from must be obtained from the Race Headquarters, and the completed protest form with a

protest fee of $150.00 must be lodged with the Race Committee at the Race Headquarters within

two hours of the last boat in the race finishing. The intention to protest must be notified to Race

Control by radio VHF 77 within two hours of the last boat finishing.

The protest should comply in all aspects with Rule 61.

Notices in respect of any protest received shall be posted on the notice board at Race Headquarters.

Current entries allocated divisions

Division one: Mollie, Euphrosyne

Division two: Lemon, Perfect Southerly, Red Status, Blue heeler

Division Three: Easy beat, King fisher, Eclipse.

Division Four: Prometheus, Soggy Dollars, Double take.

Division Five: F.A.D.