Sailing Club News / Aquatic COVID Plan

Sunday, 27 June 2021

Hi Everyone,
What a great day six boats from BISC, with a visiting boat from the TSCQ,  had out on the Bay on Sunday, sailing to Deception Bay Red and back.  The wind was good, mainly southerly, so a lot of tacking on the first leg.  Some of the fleet had a few problems locating the Deception Bay Red!
Our thanks to Barry Colson for acting as PRO and also to Brian Knight, who supplied and operated his own boat as support boat.  It was great to have the support boat as back up.
Thank you to John Ennis for crewing for Euphrosyne and calculating the race results as promptly as ever.
Happy Sailing!
Jim Thomson – Commodore

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Red mooring has been installed opposite VMR for use by club members.                                                      Location:    27*03.796′ South  153*08.554′ East