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Saturday, 11 September 2021

Hi Everyone,
Pumicestone Passage Saturday Series
What a great day ten boats from BISC,  together with a visiting boat “Sailing Strong”  had out on the Pumicestone Passage on Saturday, 11 September, sailing a  Triangle, Sausage and Triangle course.  Starting a bit later, to give the wind a chance to pick up, we made good progress on the course and then, later, the wind became quite strong for a really good sail.   The sight of 11 boats rounding a channel marker together was really impressive (see photo below).
It was a first club outing for “Love It”,  an Aquarius 23,  which did very well.   “Euphrosyne” collected a crab pot which ended her race!
Our thanks to Barry Colson for acting as PRO.
Thank you to John Ennis for calculating the race results as promptly as ever.
Happy Sailing!
Jim Thomson – Commodore

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Red mooring has been installed opposite VMR for use by club members.                                                      Location:    27*03.796′ South  153*08.554′ East